Arvia spring water is supplied from the high mountain of Sapanca - the famous natural water resort of Turkey. The area is covered with snow for five months of the year. Having no risk of pollution by human factors - Arvia contains of balanced minerals that are significant for human health.Fresh,pure,soft in taste and naturally alkaline (ph-7.5) and low in sodium (1.3mg/l).Arvia is suitable for all age of family members every day.

ProductSizePackingpalletsTotal cases per container
Arvia pet330 ml12225808
Arvia pet500 ml12224224
Arvia pet1.5 l6222860
Arvia pet5 l4211008
Arvia pet10 l221945
Arvia cup pet250 ml48211323
Arvia glass bottle330 ml24212184
Arvia glass bottle750 ml12181998

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